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Standard Web Ports


This guide shows you how to enable standard web ports for your Virtualizor Master server.

Config Files

For Port 80 please create the file /usr/local/emps/etc/nginx/port-80.conf :
listen 80;

For Port 443 please create the file /usr/local/emps/etc/nginx/port-443.conf :
listen 443 ssl;

Note : If you are using EMPs version 4.1 and above only then you will need to add 'ssl' as mentioned above.
You can find EMPs version using : cat /usr/local/emps/version
After making changes in conf file, you will need to restart service :

service virtualizor restart

Auto redirect to https (For enduser panel only)

To auto redirect port 80 to port 443 (i.e http to https) add the following content to the file /usr/local/emps/etc/nginx/port-80.conf

listen 80;
server_name YOUR_DOMAIN;
return 301 https://$host$request_uri;

NOTE: Auto redirect will work if the port-443.conf file is present.

Restart Virtualizor Service

Restart the Virtualizor service :

root> service virtualizor restart

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