USB Passthrough


USB devices can be passed to the guest virtual machine using USB Passthrough technique. This gives the guest exclusive access of the USB devices assigned to it. This needs USB devices to be initially available at the host server where guest may reside.

Following guide illustrates how you can achieve USB passthrough to the VPS in Virtualizor.

Register USB devices

Before starting to assign USB devices to the VPS, first they need to be added to the Virtualizor. This helps for recognizing and managing USB devices unambiguously.

To do this you can navigate to the Passthrough -> Add Passthrough devices page.

Here select the Server on which the USB device(s) are attached. Then select the 'Type' as USB. Select the USB device which you need to register with the Virtualizor. Optionally you can give a name and description to the selected USB device to uniquely recognize them across servers


Assign USB devices

After registering the devices with the Virtualizor, you can start to assign and manage USB devices to the VPS. Below picture show the create vps page, from where you can assign USB devices while creating the VPS.


Alter USB devices

If you want to Add or Remove USB devices(s) to / from the VPS you can navigate to the manage vps page of the target VPS. Below is the picture showing the manage vps page, where you can manage the USB devices to the VPS

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