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We have integrated Webuzo control panel in Virtualizor. So now you can create a VPS with Webuzo installed on it. You can also select which script you want to pre-install while the VPS is being created.


  1. For this you will need to download the Webuzo templates from Template Browser.
  2. For premium webuzo license you will require NOC APIand key from Softaculous client center.
  3. Script like wordpress and stack (LEMP and LLMP) option will be shown if the NOC api key and pass are provided.

How to Enable Webuzo Apps

How to create VPS with Webuzo Apps

  • While creating VPS from Admin Panel -> Create VPS -> Advance Options -> Control Panel
  • Select Webuzo from the list of Control panel and you will get the following form.

How to Install Webuzo Apps As Cloud User

How to Install Webuzo Apps As Enduser

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