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Migration or clone task fails

Task not updated since 30 minutes

Check for the following steps :

  1. Login to both Master and Slave (Source server where the migration will be started).
  2. After that login in to both the server's phpmyadmin (Select this option from the Virtualizor panel : Configuration > phpmyadmin.)
  3. On the Master side, select virtualizor DB, execute the following query :
    select max(slaveactid) from tasks where serid=SLAVEID
    SLAVEID will be the slave servers id (Source server).
  4. Now on the Slave server, go to virtualizor DB and check tasks tables entries.
    Execute the following query on Slave server :
    select max(actid) from tasks
    If it has lesser entries than the count which you found on Master server, then change the Auto Increment value to a greater one.

Start the migration process again, it should solve the problem.

Permanent fix: Increase the value for this option from the Virtualizor panel : Configuration > Master settings > Logs Settings > Tasks Retention.

SSH connection failed

If you see this Error : ”SSH connection failed to destination server (xxxx) on port (xxx) from source server (xxxx) . If port used is incorrect, you can change it in Slave setting of the Destination server

  1. Logs can be checked in /var/log/secure of the destination node. (Can be due to directories permission issue for keys)
  2. Save the slave settings with the correct SSH port once for the target server and then re-try if its not a permission issue.
  3. Try password-less login from Source server to Destination if saving slave settings does not helps :
    ssh -i /var/virtualizor/ssh-keys/id_rsa -q -p dest-port root@destinationIP
  4. If it still fails then check PubkeyAuthentication in destination's ssh config is not disabled.
    Also path in /etc/ssh/sshd_config it should be :
    AuthorizedKeysFile .ssh/authorized_keys
    And not :
    AuthorizedKeysFile .ssh/authorized_keys2 (may cause issues)
  5. If nothing works then you can delete keys from Master database table : servers_sshkeys (table in Virtualizor database) and /var/virtualizor/ssh-keys/id_rsa from Source server then re-try migration from panel.

Could not make the TAR of the Source VPS

One of the reasons for above error message is that the disk on the server itself is having issues.
You can view similar error in transfer log tab for migration task on tasks page :

dd: reading `/dev/vg/vsv1001-d9axstuprrh64nus-sj9hbyyxt1ayiwtq` : Input/output error
1030616+0 records in
1030616+0 records out
527675392 bytes (528 MB) copied, 70.4802 s, 7.5 MB/s
 46M in 2.000s 186.459m/s -s 512 -w 2 -m 10000.000
throttle:   98M,   18M in 2.031s 74.804m/s -s 512 -w 2 -m 10000.000
throttle:  204M,   11M in 23.448s 3.884m/s -s 512 -w 2 -m 10000.000
1030616+0 records in
1030616+0 records out
527675392 bytes (528 MB) copied, 70.4049 s, 7.5 MB/s
1 0 0 0 0

You can view logs on server under /var/log/ to verify if server's disk is not having any issues.
In this case, you can try enabling rescue mode from panel for that vps so that you can retrieve data if it allows.
Also remove orphan disks from storage->orphaned disks, if any.

But If you see this error message in logs for migration task:

gzip: stdout: Broken pipe
dd: writing to `standard output': Broken pipe

Then you will need to verify if password-less login from Source server to Destination server is working fine :

ssh -i /var/virtualizor/ssh-keys/id_rsa -q -p dest-port root@destinationIP
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