Migration or clone task fails

Migration issue fails and gives error of task not updated since 30 minutes,

Check for the following steps :

  1. Login to both Master and Slave (Source server where the migration will be started).
  2. After that login in to both the server’s phpmyadmin (Select this option from the Virtualizor panel : Configuration > phpmyadmin.)
  3. On the Master side, select virtualizor DB, execute the following query :
    select max(slaveactid) from tasks where serid=SLAVEID
    SLAVEID will be the slave servers id (Source server).
  4. Now on the Slave server, go to virtualizor DB and check tasks tables entries.
    Execute the following query on Slave server :
    select max(actid) from tasks
    If it has lesser entries than the count which you found on Master server, then change the Auto Increment value to a greater one.

Start the migration process again, it should solve the problem.

Permanent fix: Increase the value for this option from the Virtualizor panel : Configuration > Master settings > Logs Settings > Tasks Retention.

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