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Virtualizor support Central Management of many Nodes / Servers so that you can access and create VPS from the Master server only. Adding a server is very easy in Virtualizor. You can slave an EXISTING Virtualizor Server and deslave it any time. The master interacts with the slave only when necessary. The slave just becomes a extra resource for the master. NOTE : The slave MUST have Virtualizor installed. The Virtualization Type will be detected by the Master itself. Also the MASTER can be OF ANY VIRTUALIZATION type i.e. OpenVZ, Xen or Linux KVM.

OS Templates and ISO Files

While creating Virtual Servers, its obvious that the server will require the OS templates OR ISO files to create a VPS, whether its Slave or the Master server. In the central management system, ALL OS Templates and ISOs must be there on the Master server. When a VPS is created on the slave and the OS Template is missing it will download it from the Master.

Obtaining Necessary Slave details

To add server on the master, we must get certain credentials from the slave server after Virtualizor is installed on it. To do so you must login into the Virtualizor Admin Panel of the slave and go to Configuration >> Server Info. Please take NOTE of the Servers Key Pass .

Add Server on Master

On the Master, go to Virtualizor Admin Panel, then click on Servers >> Add Server. There fill up the "Server Name, IP Address And Server Password (Key Pass)" and then click on "Add Server". The master will communicate with the server and detect necessary details. If there is some CONFLICTS, the master will notify you of the same.


If everything is successful, it will add the server.

Existing VPS on Slave

All existing VPS, IPs, Users will be imported into the Master as well.


If you need any help, please contact us and we will help you.

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