Migrate Master


This guide will help you in case you want to make any of your slave server a Master and OLD master a slave server or discard it.

NOTE: This guide will require Master server to be empty. i.e. No VMs should be there on the Master server.
This action is irreversible. Please make a backup of the original Database before proceeding. So in case of failure or you want to revert the changes after export, you can restore the original database.


If you want to make any of your slave server a Master server and current master as a slave server.


Please execute the following command to export the database. So that you can restore it on other slave server / new server.

root# /usr/local/emps/bin/php /usr/local/virtualizor/scripts/migrate_master.php export

Above command will ask you the slave server which you want to make a new master server.

Once you provide the slave server ID, it will make changes in the DB and export the database at the following location : /var/virtualizor/virtualizor_migrate_master.sql.gz

Once this step is done. Your OLD Master will not be able to make any calls to your slave servers.


Copy the virtualizor_migrate_master.sql.gz from old server to new server. Please execute the following command to restore your OLD Virtualizor Master servers database to your New Virtualizor Master server.

NOTE: This action is irreversible. Please make sure you have old backup of database before proceeding. Just to be on safe side.

root# /usr/local/emps/bin/php /usr/local/virtualizor/scripts/migrate_master.php import

Once you proceed it will import the Old database and make changes in database and make your Slave server a new Master server.

Migrate master-only Vps

If you have Master-only panel installed in a vps on a Virtualizor slave server then you will need to follow manual migration steps.

  • Take immediate database backup from Master-only panel.


  • Create a vps on target server, assuming its another Virtualizor slave server and then install Master-only panel in that vps.
  • You will then need to restore database backup in that vps


You will also need to move universal.php file stored under /usr/local/virtualizor/ directory from Old Master server to New Master server.
Take a backup of universal.php file on new server before moving old universal.php file.
You will need to copy database password($dbpass) stored in new universal.php file and paste it in old universal.php file which you copied to new server.

  • Assuming new Master-only vps will be having new ip, you will need to update the new Master vps ip in /usr/local/virtualizor/universal.php file on all of your slave servers.
  • You will also need to update new master ip in WHMCS/Blesta billing panel.
  • After updating new ips everywhere you can shutdown your old Master-only vps.

Note : If you have vnc enabled for your vpses, then you will need to edit the vpses and save them without making any changes.This will update vnc ip to new master server’s ip in vps config file.

  • If you have any custom templates then you can move them manually as well. They are stored under /var/virtualizor/ directory and for OpenVZ they are stored under /vz/template/cache/ directory.

Update PDNS

NOTE: This script is available since

Once you change your master server and if you have installed powerdns server they will need to be updated with the new master details. Please execute the following script on PDNS Master server to update your NEW server IP.


Once it is finished your pdns server will be updated with the new master server, so that you can manage your pdns records from new master server.

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