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This page explains how to configure PowerDNS for Virtualizor. This guide will also help you to assign the PowerDNS plan to a user, so they can configure the domain records in Virtualizor Enduser Panel.

Note : You will only require to add master PDNS server to Virtualizor panel no need to add slave server. Master PDNS server will replicate data automatically on the slave PDNS server.


Before proceeding for PowerDNS configuration, you must have installed PDNS on your 2 nameserver VMs.
For PowerDNS installation, please refer this guide :

Step 1 (Add PowerDNS server in Virtualizor)

To add the PDNS server in Virtualizor, navigate to "PowerDNS" > "Add DNS Server".

  • After adding the PDNS server, you can see your server in "List PDNS Server" page.

Step 2 (Add PowerDNS Plan)

After adding the PowerDNS server, you need to add the Plan which you can assign it to users.

To add the PDNS plan, navigate to "Plans" > "Add DNS plan".
(You will find your added powerDNS server in the dropdown)

  • The PowerDNS plan you created can be seen in "List DNS plan" page.

Step 3 (Assign PDNS plan to the user)

Once you are done with creating plan, you need to assign that plan to user so the user can add the domain records. Domain records can be added through the Virtualizor Enduser Panel.

  • To assign PDNS plan to the user, navigate to "Users" > "Add User". You will see the option to assign the DNS plan you created in step 2.
  • To assign a PDNS plan to existing users, just edit the user and select the PDNS plan and save it. You can edit the users in "Users" > "List User" > "Edit User"


If you face any difficulties regarding the PowerDNS configuration, you can contact us via support ticket or refer the PDNS guide :

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