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Windows OS install drivers issue on OpenVZ 7 (Virtuozzo) VM

To install Windows OS in a VM, you will need VIRTIO drivers for Windows, follow below mentioned steps to solve this issue

  1. Copy Widows drivers ISO file /usr/share/vz-guest-tools/vz-guest-tools-win.iso to Virtualizor master under path /var/virtualizor/iso/vz-guest-tools-win.iso
  2. Add it to Virtualizor Master Admin panel
    1. Navigate to Admin panel > Media > Add ISO
    2. Enter ISO file name as: vz-guest-tools-win.iso
    3. Click on "Download ISO"
  3. Create VPS with required Windows ISO and use this Windows drivers ISO file as secondary ISO
  4. At time of installation, when OS prompts for disk drivers, select this drivers ISO drive and open directory vioscsi/WIN_VERSION/ARCH (Select Windows Version and Arch as per your OS installation)

Once drivers are installed, OS installation should proceed fine.
You will also need to remove system reserved partition :

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